Klausen Pass

1948 m a.s.l. / Altdorf - Linthal

The Klausen Pass, situated at 1948 m a.s.l., connects the cantons of Uri and Glarus. After passing through the beautiful Schächen valley, you cross the summit of the pass to reach Urnerboden, the largest Alp, or mountain pasture, in Switzerland, and home to up to 1,200 cows and an Alpine dairy. Back in the 1920s and 1930s, the legendary Klausen hill climb caused a sensation that went far beyond Swiss borders. Cars and motorbikes negotiated the dirt roads of the 21.5 km course at breakneck speed, on what was then Europe’s toughest mountain race.


Tell Museum

The village of Bürglen at the entrance to the Schächen Valley is considered to be the home of William Tell. The Tell Museum in the centre of the village has on display the largest collection of objects, depictions and documents relating to this renowned Swiss national hero.

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